Just a bunch of bloody Marxist vegans…

July 7, 2006

God speed to anyone joining the Manly Dam ride tomorrow. I’ve only recently changed by bike’s tyres from knobblies to slicks – little suspecting that this offer to do some XC/Trail riding was just around the corner. That said though, I love how much easier and faster it is to ride with slicks on the roads.

I’m off on leave next week (heading to the snow to tackle some mountains on skis), so you’ll have to nominate a different SpokesPerson if needs be.

Meanwhile, here’s some stirring words to psych up any ABCyclists hitting the trails this weekend…

“IT’S TIME to get bikes off our roads. As a mainstream form of transport, the bicycle has proved itself the equivalent of communism: a lovely idea that failed dismally in practice. Bikes are dangerous to ride and slow traffic, which creates more pollution.… Today, fewer than 1 per cent of all trips in Sydney are made by bike. The bike activists blame this on the paucity of bike lanes and tracks, but this is like Marxists excusing the failure of communism in the Soviet Union by blaming the nature of its regime.”

Those insightful thoughts were penned by ABC Radio National’s own Michael Duffy on December 3 last year. Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, his opinion piece was entitled “Off yer bike – for the sake of all of us on the roads”. Michael warned his readers that “Bike riders tend to be unhappy and resentful people.” (Personally, I struggle to imagine how anyone could stoop so low as to exude unhappiness or resentment anywhere near the sweet-natured Mr Duffy).

 For her part, Miranda Devine recently narrowed her sights on that most gentle of species, the herbivorous bike-rider. In her SMH Op-Ed of June 15 this year, “Traffic hazard ahead: vegan cyclists”, Miranda took a bead and put her foot down and let rip.

Sydney is reaching gridlock and motorists are not to blame, writes Miranda Devine… Sydney has too many hills, too many narrow streets, too much traffic, too many buses, is too spread out and too hot and humid, to make riding a pushbike to work feasible for more than a handful of people…The road is not there to share. It is for cars.”

In fact, succumbing to triumphalism, Miranda celebrated the state government’s recent decision to scrab a bicycle lane on William Street and restore “what was once a beautiful six-lane road”. You go girl.


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