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Ride2Work Day

August 31, 2006

Is this a reflection of how you feel about your bike? Or your partner? Or both? Thanks to ABCycLister Mark Cash for contributing this… possibly as a reminder to all of us that a good bike, properly cared-for, will always be there for you when you need it most. Or something like that…. 

A few ABCycListers have shown an interest in organising a gathering on Ride2Work Day on October 4. Its been suggested that we could gather on Level 7 of Ultimo B for a morning tea. Another option would be BBQ’d bacon and egg rolls on the Dot Strong Terrace with lashings of strong coffee. If anyone has any better/different ideas, your comments are welcome.

There’s also been some good feedback from those who have had a chance to navigate their way through the new ABCycList – but don’t forget to leave evidence of your visit by posting a comment. Just push your cursor onto “Comment” below, click and you’re well on your way to blogdom.

In fact for anyone new to Blogging, there’s an endless array of sites out there awaiting your perusal… but hell, who gets the time? That’s why I reckon its worth posting interesting blog-tidbits here on ABCycList.

 A Sydney blogger known as Pedaller recently posted some thoughts (see below) on how businesses/employers can help encourage bicycle commuting. I particularly like the idea about interest-free loans to buy bikes and equipment.

Pushing the pedal revolution

The Asia-Pacific regional director of professional services at VeriSign, a global IT company, is one of thousands of Melburnians who regularly commutes to work by bike. He believes that having senior staff support the practice has motivated others in the 40-person Melbourne office to discover a healthier alternative to sitting in a car stuck in traffic.

It also helps if Senior Staff ride because then the business is more likely to cater for the needs of cyclists in terms of storage, showers etc. I think his following comment is very important,

“I think having a lot of senior management including myself cycle gives it some sort of respectability

I couldn’t agree more. Maybe it’s time to turn the “company car” and “cabcharge” culture into the “company bicycle” culture? (or maybe the “pedapod ride” for those a little less activity inclined?) Verisign has also recognised the importance of building a sense of community in the organisation which is one reason they supply Verisign branded cycling jerseys, but they are also aware of the marketing potential of these jerseys being seen by others as employees make their way to and from work. This kind of marketing is cheaper than a BusPak poster, a car wrap, or a billboard. And Bicycle Victoria is doing its best to help to promote and support workplace BUGs. While I’m not sure that an IT company, for instance, would really like to associate ‘bug’ with their name for obvious reasons (even though some might argue that a Microsoft bug might be fitting), there are other, far more creative alternatives,

such as the “Wigs on Wheels” at the Victorian Bar, and “Brains in Gear” at Alzheimer’s Australia

And Arup deserves a special mention for its cycling initiatives which include,

piloting interest-free loans for staff to buy new bikes and accessories, and also organised Bicycle Victoria to run a bicycle safety awareness session.

So, come on Sydney, let’s hear about what your businesses are doing.
While some organisations have participated in the City of Sydney’s Cycling in the City program, I know of one business in Sydney that is really leading the way,
Ecological Engineering, where every staff member cycles to work and they use bicycles to get between their office and meetings. There must be other similar pioneering businesses out there.

So, does anyone out there know if Mark Scott rides a bike? 



Welcome to our newly created Blog!

August 29, 2006

Dear ABCycListers,

The ABCycList was created as a forum for ABC Ultimo staff who are cyclists. Despite the roaring success of our emailing list, that version of the forum did pose some logistical/technical problems. Some ABCycListers did not want to receive every email, while others chose to restrict their own contributions to certain individuals, which ended up making it a bit confusing as to who received what. It was looking like becoming a huge job to co-ordinate the email traffic.

So the ABCycList Blog was born. This blog has no formal association or endorsement from the ABC (so its a bit naughty using the logo – I wonder how long it will be before we get shut down?). But really, this is little more than an electronic notice board for the fifty-five or so cyclists who have joined the list.

I’m still a bit new to this whizz-bang new-fangled stuff, so right here at the outset I’ll beg your patience in advance of things invariably stuffing up (and apologise for the crappy graphic art). However, hopefully, this blog should make the ABCycList easier to manage.

Below I have exported some of the correspondence generated by my earlier emails. I hope that’s okay with the authors – if anyone wants me to delete anything from the blog, send me an email direct. For anyone new to blogging, if you read through the “posts” and the “comments” attached to them, you’ll get an idea of how it works. In due course we can add new posts on specific subjects and open them up for “group discussion”. We can also add links, photos and other images.

Of course blogging does carry with it certain pitfalls, as one blogger in France discovered. Her story appears here:

So please keep it clean, and try not to defame anyone.

Meanwhile stay tuned for news on what’s happening on Australia’s national Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, October 4th.

Cheers, the ABCycList Spokes-Man.


Listen up Spokesfolk!

August 8, 2006

At a loss for what to do tomorrow?POETICA with Mike Ladd – The Art of Bicycling. Saturday 12 August, 3pm, repeat Thursday 18 August, 9pm. Featuring a selection of poems based on the many aspects of the bicycle and bicycling. Includes work from David Malouf, Seamus Heaney, Pablo Neruda, C.J.Stevens, ‘Banjo’ Patterson, Brenda Brooks and Lauris Edmond.

Also as a podcast, the greatest australian bloke on 2 wheels…..

& keep an ear out for Street Stories on 24/9 @ 1:30pm (repeat 1/10 @ 8pm).

radio national, the cyclist’s friend.


(John Cochrane)