Welcome to our newly created Blog!

August 29, 2006

Dear ABCycListers,

The ABCycList was created as a forum for ABC Ultimo staff who are cyclists. Despite the roaring success of our emailing list, that version of the forum did pose some logistical/technical problems. Some ABCycListers did not want to receive every email, while others chose to restrict their own contributions to certain individuals, which ended up making it a bit confusing as to who received what. It was looking like becoming a huge job to co-ordinate the email traffic.

So the ABCycList Blog was born. This blog has no formal association or endorsement from the ABC (so its a bit naughty using the logo – I wonder how long it will be before we get shut down?). But really, this is little more than an electronic notice board for the fifty-five or so cyclists who have joined the list.

I’m still a bit new to this whizz-bang new-fangled stuff, so right here at the outset I’ll beg your patience in advance of things invariably stuffing up (and apologise for the crappy graphic art). However, hopefully, this blog should make the ABCycList easier to manage.

Below I have exported some of the correspondence generated by my earlier emails. I hope that’s okay with the authors – if anyone wants me to delete anything from the blog, send me an email direct. For anyone new to blogging, if you read through the “posts” and the “comments” attached to them, you’ll get an idea of how it works. In due course we can add new posts on specific subjects and open them up for “group discussion”. We can also add links, photos and other images.

Of course blogging does carry with it certain pitfalls, as one blogger in France discovered. Her story appears here:

So please keep it clean, and try not to defame anyone.

Meanwhile stay tuned for news on what’s happening on Australia’s national Ride2Work Day on Wednesday, October 4th.

Cheers, the ABCycList Spokes-Man.


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  1. count me in

    adam s

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