I like it, but is it Art?

September 12, 2006



Here’s an offer too good to refuse from ABCycLister (and Sydney Body Art Ride organiser) Jake Lloyd Jones – free nibblies… free drinks… and acres of bare flesh. Well, photos of not-so-bare painted flesh anyway. Once looking at the sort of stuff on show tonight (Wednesday Sept 13) would have got you locked up. If you, like me, could think of no greater crime than to expose yourself while astride a bicycle saddle, why not go check out the images of those who aren’t so inhibited (or perhaps just have better bodies to show).

6.00pm Wednesday 13th of September
Pine St Creative Arts Centre, 64 Pine St Chippendale
This community exhibition comprises the best Artistic photographs of our event and a slide show of some of the best event photos. In its second year the Sydney Body Art Ride has already become an important event in Sydney’s artistic calendar. The ride has raised over $20,000 for Children’s Cancer Research and gives ordinary citizens a chance to be artists for the day creating a unique living artwork “The Human Rainbow”. Please join us on Opening Night as the exhibition will only be open for a short time. Free drinks and nibblies will be provided. Photos will be available for sale to raise funds for next year’s ride which will be another fundraiser, with 100% of money raised going to Children’s Cancer Institute Australia. Contact Jake Lloyd Jones – 0419 279 759 or sbarhq@yahoo.com.au



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