ABCycLister Down

September 25, 2006

So who is the ABC’s “PLASTERED PRESENTER”? None other than one of our own ABCycListers.

In the dog-eat-dog media world, Presenters live in mortal fear of having their chair pulled out from beneath them. James Valentine can now at least say that he already knows what it feels like. It hurts. 

According to radio-writer Sue Javes from the Sydney Morning Herald’s “the guide” section today:

702 ABC’s afternoon presenter James Valentine will be in plaster for six weeks after coming unstuck while cycling to work last week. Valentine was cycling uphill in Bondi last Monday on his regular route to the ABC in Ultimo when the bolt securing his bike seat flew out. “The seat dislodged and I literally pedalled my foot into Birrell Street,” he says. He broke bones in his right leg and ankle, which required surgery. Valentine spent the week in hospital and reckons half of Bunnings Warehouse is keeping his ankle together. Ian Rogerson is filling in on the 702 afternoon shift but Valentine hopes to be back on air in a few days.

But, more importantly, when will James be back in the saddle?

Meanwhile, in a bid to cheer the poor bloke up, the ABCycList would like to hear from anyone with their own cycling tale of woe – especially all those self-inflicted injuries. Got something better than a loose seat-post bolt? I had a gap-toothed schoolmate who lost his front tooth after cycling into the back of a parked car – at the time he was riding uphill and had his butt out of the seat and his head low – not looking ahead – and pedalled slowly but forcefully into the stationary object in his path. From my vantage point on my bike behind him, it was truly one of the funniest things I ever saw.

Got your own story? Let’s hear it – best yarn wins a copy of The Mountain Bike Book from the Book Barn.


One comment

  1. At my 1st Downhill race, at Majura Pines in canberra, there was an 12ft creek gap just before the finish line. It took me a day but I finally got the courage to hit it. I did it 3 time in practise & was confident of hitting in my race run. Because this was my 1st race i was using a borrowed helmet, a motocross helmet that was too big so I had to wear a beanie underneath to stop the helmet slipping around.

    Anyway,I am in my race run heading towards the gap, peadalling as fast as I can when about 3 metres before the kicker my helmet slips down in front of my eyes. I can’t see a thing & automatically stop pedaling. I hit the ramp at nowhere near the right speed, my front wheel clears the gap but my back wheel doesn’t (called ‘casing’). My suspension comresses, i bar hump the stem then get bucked over the bars face first into the dirt. Because the hlemet had slipped down my mouth was not protected by the chin piece so i cut up my mouth & filled it with dirt, and I got 3 bruises, the exact shape of the ventilation holes of the helmet (elongated ovals) right across my forehead. Other than that & being a little bit dazed, I was fine. My however had a blown rear shock & pretty much destroyed the rear wheel.

    Someone caught it on camera but I never got to see it. It would’ve very funny however. I have had many more slams both on road & off, I have been hit by cars & trees alike, but this one has stuck in my memory clearly from the day it happened. I know also have a good full face helemet, my own, that fits well!

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